PPHSGB Members Section

The Polar Postal History Society is pleased to announce the first part of the Members' section is now available - the launch of the online Polar Post   Library.

The Polar Postal History Library includes all issues of Polar Post  from 1953 with lists of contents (where available) – that is over 250 issues!

You can go directly to the Polar Post library here or click on one of the front covers of each Polar Post  issue in the Polar Post  folder to go directly to a specific issue.

As an added bonus, after extensive work by the editor of Polar Post, John Youle, issues from March 2007 to date have been converted into colour (where colour exists in the original article), and these updated colour versions can also be viewed in the library.
And from this September issue a FULL COLOUR version of Polar Post will also be posted in the online library as each new issue is published.
Polar Post No 258 September 2018 full colour01jpg

Members of the Society can log-in to the library from the “Member Log-In” link on the left menu on the library website using the e-mail address provided to the Membership Secretary on registration and the password shown in the latest issue of Polar Post. All current members of the society have free access as part of their membership.

If any member has difficulties in logging in to the library, then please contact the webmaster and
I can assist!

Further additions to the Members' Section of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain to be launched later in the year.

This section will provide:

- Access to the largest polar postal history research database on the Internet with images

- Access to an electronic polar library containing polar papers and historical polar books to read or download

-  PPHSGB member directory, sorted by collecting interest, for those members that wish to communicate with fellow members and share research

- Access to research study groups in various areas of polar postal history

- Ask an expert if you have a polar postal history question. Contact the primary collectors in your field and benefit from their experience

- Renew your membership online

- Sign up to receive regular newsletters with the latest society news

More information to be provided in the December issue of Polar Post!

Not yet a member? Click here to view the benefits of joining the Polar Postal History Society, and  here to fill in the membership application form and gain access to the Members Only Section.