PPHSGB Members Section

Members Section of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain to be launched in September 2018

In order to give additional benefits for membership of the Polar Postal History Society, this section will be launched later in 2018.

This section will provide:

- Access to full colour versions of the current issue, and recently issued, Polar Post  magazines

- Access to all previous issues of Polar Post.  That is over 250 magazines published since 1953 with thousands of articles from the premier polar postal historians over the past 60 years!

- Articles extracted from Polar Post on your specialised polar collecting area. Discover what previous generations of members have already researched.

- Access to the largest polar postal history research database on the Internet with images

- Access to an electronic polar library containing polar papers and historical polar books to read or download

-  PPHSGB member directory, sorted by collecting interest, for those members that wish to communicate with fellow members and share research

- Access to research study groups in various areas of polar postal history

- Ask an expert if you have a polar postal history question. Contact the primary collectors in your field and benefit from their experience

- Renew your membership online

- Sign up to receive regular newsletters with the latest society news

Full information to be provided in the September issue of Polar Post!

Not yet a member? Click here to view the benefits of joining the Polar Postal History Society, and  here to fill in the membership application form and gain access to the Members Only Section.