Chairman's Message - September 2021 - Trevor Cornford FRGS

Hooray ! At last a real event - Midpex took place on the 3rd July and was quite well attended if not as busy as in normal times. Nonetheless being able to chat with others and visit dealer tables gave a good feeling. Food and drinks were available and tasty and all congratulations to the organisers for a great day out as far as I enjoyed it. Got a few items if nothing spectacular. I am jabbed and had extra tests all negative and everyone seemed to behave well and I did not feel uneasy at all- perhaps because mainly the older sensible generation!

We got at least one new member by the way. And sold lots of copies of the new booklets co-authored by our very own Treasurer, FRPSL and now scribe Professor Brian Clayton!(See information on Page 70).

A new spanner appears to again be hindering our attempts to run a Society auction due to HMRC and EU vat changes but our man Steve is on the case during a summer recess.

Apart from enjoying non-philatelic life in our new town centre ‘cafe culture’. I got some new cards of Antarctic ships with a new style printers cachet from the Nautical Photo Agency (see below). They were not marked up as postcards but of ships scenes not seen before. Stay safe everyone and please send more snippets or articles to John Youle.