Philatelic Magazines

If you are interested in polar philately, you can often find articles of interest in a popular philatelic magazine. Links to some of the bestselling magazines are shown below!

Gibbons Stamp Monthly

The UK’s best selling stamp magazine and the official publication of the world’s oldest and most famous name in philately - Stanley Gibbons. Consistently over 150 pages each month, with up to date news, auction results and everything else from worldwide postal authorities and the hobby of philately. Gibbons Stamp Monthly has in-depth articles for the specialists, thematic and new collectors by leading philatelic writers, a dedicated Great Britain section, extensive new issues pages and the monthly Stanley Gibbons catalogue supplement provided to keep your catalogue up-to-date. Subscribers also get exclusive monthly reader offers on catalogues, albums and accessories. Awarded a Vermeil medal in the Philatelic Literature category at Praga 2018.

As Britain's longest-running independent philatelic magazine, Stamp Magazine offers a wide range of news, features and opinion to interest, entertain and inform you, whatever you collect. Our news pages are lively and well-informed, and the GB Collector section gives you the inside line on all upcoming British issues. Our features are the best-written and best illustrated in the world of philately, and our regular columnists pull no punches. Stamp Magazine publishes 12 great issues a year.

Stamp Magazine

The monthly magazine includes exclusive features on the British Library Philatelic Collections, perhaps the best stamp collection in the world. Award-winning writers share their knowledge of stamps and coins, providing readers with collecting tips and background information, while popular regular features include a focus on stamp engravers, an at-a-glance guide to philatelic facts, auction results, beginners’ guides and the fascinating stories behind stamps and coins.

Stamp Collector, the new name for Stamp & Coin Mart magazine, is part of our online collecting resource, Collectors Club of Great Britain. This all encompassing website is the resource for all collecting enthusiasts and perfect for both the novice and experienced collector. Find out more about the latest stamp and coin events, exhibitions and fairs around the country and enter a range of exciting competitions.