Polar Post 2020

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Contents March 2020

Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 2
Contents; † Herbert Lealman MBE 1945 to 2020 - An Appreciation; London 2020 - Participation of Members 3
Chairman’s Message; Membership Renewal Reminder; Swinpex 2020; Editorial 4
Membership News; London 2020; PPHSGB AGM 2020 5
Australia: Flightless Birds: Problems with Micro-Cuts on the Self-Adhesive Stamps 6
The Arctic Order of the Blue Nose; A Polar Workhorse 7
The EcoNelson Base 1988 to 2019 (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) 8-9
Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld – May 2nd 1858. The Story of a New Discovery 1; 10-12
Belgian Cover with Christmas Greetings; † Pauline Carr 12
Polar Postal History Website - An Updated Introduction 13-15
Australian Antarctic Territory - 65th Anniversary of Mawson Station 16
An Inward Letter to Captain Robert F. Scott 17
British Antarctic Territory Definitive Stamp Issue of 1st February 1963 18-20
British Antarctic Territory Churchill Commemoration Issue of 24th January 1966 21
Adélie Penguin Stuffed to Order; A Rather Large Collector’s Item 22
New Issues - Greenland: 9th August and 9th & 21st October 2019 23
New Issue - The Ukraine: 200th Anniversary of the fi rst Sighting of Antarctica 23
BAT - Release Information for the 2019 New Issues 23
New Issue: Tristan da Cunha - Whaling and Sealing Ships - 2nd December 2019 24
French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF) New Issues 7th and 28th November 2019; January 2020 25-27
New Issues - The Falkland Islands 6th and 20th December 2019 27
New Issue - Russia: 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Ivan Dmitrievich Papanin on 26th November 1894 28
New Issue - Chile: 50th Anniversary of Chilean Air Force Base Presidente Frei - 29th October 2019 28
Chilean Air Disaster over the Drake Passage 10th December 2019 28