PPHSGB Member Auctions

October PPHSGB Online Auction Starts October 17th!

The second online auction of the society will start on October 17th between 17.00 and 17.30 UK time and finish on October 27th between 17.00 and 17.30. As a new eBay account the number of lots is still limited to 10 items this month but it is another interesting selection with stationery from Scott's Discovery expedition, a signed postcard from Fridtjof Nansen and several better Falkland Islands and British Antarctic Expedition covers! The auction lots can be seen in the PPHSGB auction folder.

The seller name for the society is polarpostalhistoryauction.Remember that the Polar Postal History Society receives 10% of the proceeds.

Click here or on the eBay logo to view items on the auction.


First PPHSGB Online Auction Completed 22nd September 2019

The first online auction finished today and the results showed strong demand for polar postal material. Of the ten items listed all sold. There were one hundred and four bids and eight winning bidders. The total value of the auction was £1149. 

If a member wishes to submit polar items for a future PPHSGB auction please contact the webmaster or fill in the auction form below.

The Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain trialled their first online auction in September through this website and on eBay. The aim is to provide a service to members, both in buying and selling polar items, as well as promoting the society through the very popular eBay website.

Items have already been selected for the first two auction, however members will have the opportunity to submit items for future auctions. Some points to remember!

  • The Polar Postal History Society has set  up an eBay account - polarpostalhistoryauction
  • Auction items will be listed on eBay and featured on this website
  • Only active society members will be able to submit items for listing
  • Listed items should have a minimum value of £5
  • To maximise the number of bidders, both members and non- members will be able to bid on items
  • Any relevant polar item can be submitted - for example, categories such as postal history, stamps, postcards, books or maps
  • Items should be submitted using the form below. Sellers are responsible for the accuracy of the details!
  • The listing on the website and on eBay will be done by the webmaster
  • Auction items will be available to potential bidders for a fixed period, either seven or ten days 
  • On completion of an auction, sellers will be sent details of the winning bidders for their items
  • Polar items will remain with the seller who will be responsible for posting to the winning bidder on completion
  • All payments from bidders and to sellers will be made by PayPal
  • On receipt of a payment from a winning bidder a  contribution of 10% will be paid to the Polar Postal History Society to raise funds for future polar events
  • Sellers will then receive the remaining payment less a deduction for actual eBay listing fees
  • Happy selling (and buying!)