First Online PPHSGB Auction on eBay!

Starting September 12th at 17.00-17.30 UK Time - Ending September 22nd at 17.00-17.30 UK Time

Welcome to the website of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain (PPHSGB) - the society for collectors of Arctic and Antarctic Polar Postal History from around the World.

A warm welcome to the website of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain. The aims of the Society are to promote the study of postal history from the polar regions and to act as a meeting place where members can exchange information and learn more about their areas of interest. We welcome members from not just Great Britain but from all around the World!

We hope that you will browse the site and learn more about the Polar Postal History Society. You can find more information about the society and society events. The website features many fine examples of polar postal history from our member's collections from which you can learn from or just admire. You can read about our informative magazine Polar Post and study all issues of the magazine since the society was founded in 1953! The latest polar news is available to read, auction information and results can be viewed, and publications purchased from our online polar shop. We provide links to other polar related websites that can help you with your collecting, and show you historical polar videos that we found interesting - if you would like your website to be added to our links please send us a message!

If you are interested in the Postal History of the Polar Regions, either North and South, please contact us for more information or better still fill out the application form and join our society. Please specify your range of interests on the application form, but whatever they are, you will be most welcome. Happy polar collecting!

Latest News

PPHSGB Online Auction Items will be visible on eBay from this link

The first online auction from the Polar Postal History Society started on Thursday September 12th  and will end on Sunday September 22nd at 17.00-17.30 UK Time.

Postal History and philately from the Arctic and Antarctic from many polar collecting areas and the PPHSGB will get 10% of the net proceeds! Due to eBay restrictions for new accounts, the first auction will contain ten items - with more to follow on next month's auction.

Postmarks and Cachets of The British Antarctic Bases and South Georgia 11th August 2019

John Youle has created an updated version of his excellent book on postmarks and cachets of these popular polar collecting areas. You can read the full version of the book in the members' polar library by clicking on this link

Results of the Colour Competition announced! 31st July 2019

Fifteen members submitted entries for the colour competition and the winning entry chosen by Steve Allen, the webmaster, and the editor, John Youle, is shown on the front cover of the September 2019 issue of Polar Post. The winning entry was submitted by our Australian member Peter Cranwell. Congratulations to Peter!

All entries can be viewed on the slideshow at the top of the competition page in the Members Section or downloaded from the pdf added below.

Thanks go to everyone who participated.

Colour Competition Entries.pdf

September 2019 Polar Post added to the Polar Library 31st July 2019

The September issue of Polar Post will be posted out to members shortly. To keep members cool if you are in the middle of a heatwave the latest issue has been added to the  Polar Library . Enjoy reading and keep cool!

Polar Post Article of the Month July 2019

From our archives, this feature presents an article from a previous issue of Polar Post. The latest article has now been added to the website. Sixty years ago, the July 1959 issue contained an article by Mrs DM Startin on Norway's Arctic Island Outposts. Mrs Startin contributed many articles to Polar Post during this period. You can read the full article in the Polar Post Article of the Month section.

MIDPEX 2019 PPHSGB and FIPSG stands 6th July 2019

The PPHSGB and the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group had stands at MIDPEX 2019 in the Warwickshire Event Centre, The Fosse, Fosse Way, near Leamington Spa, CV31 1XN on Saturday 6th July 2019 from 10:00 to 16:30. The event was run by the Midland Philatelic Federation and the Association of
British Philatelic Societies. It is sponsored by Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. Read a report in the Polar Events  section.

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 joint FIPSG and PPHSGB meeting 31st May 2019

The joint FIPSG and PPHSGB meeting took place during the Stockholmia 2019 exhibition, which was from 29 May to 2 June 2019 in central Stockholm. The exhibition celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society of London. Find out what happened in the separate Stockholmia 2019 folder!

Stockholm-New York in 1929: an Interrupted Polar Flight  Saturday 1st June 2019 10:00

Serge Kahn gave an informative and well attended lecture Stockholmia entitled " Stockholm-New York in 1929: an Interrupted Polar Flight". If any member missed the lecture you can see the full presentation in the Stockholmia folder.

New to the Polar Library! Polar Philatelic Books, Polar Research and Polar News Articles Sections 11 May 2019

With the complete history of Polar Post magazines available in the Polar Library and more Polar Books added, three additional new sections have been created in the Polar Library:

  • A new section for Polar Philatelic Books has been added with initial content including three excellent books on Antarctic Polar Postal History from Mark Jurisich and several well researched and detailed articles from John Youle.
  • A section on Polar Research has been added. Papers and articles on polar history to give you background on covers or postcards that you are researching
  • And a section featuring Historical Newspaper Articles that show how the polar news was originally reported at the time. Sometimes events are described very differently than how history presents them today!
  • All the contents of these sections are presented in the results from the search function in the Polar Library. Just make a search on your chosen polar subject and check out the results

Discussion Board added to the Members Section!  3rd March 2019

A discussion board has been added to the Member's Section of the Website. Do you need to find out more information about a polar item in your collection? Do you have a cover that you want to feature? Post your question or item and start a discussion here!

Several discussions have already been started. Can you provide the answers!

Polar Postal History Society of GB Annual General Meeting & London Spring Meeting 16th February 2019
The Polar Postal History Society held its AGM at Spring Stampex on Saturday 16th February with a good number of members in attendance. Further details of the meeting will follow on the website and in Polar Post.

Gold Medal for "Operation Tabarin" publication at Spring Stampex 16th February 2019

It is with pleasure that we announce the award of a Gold medal to our president, Gerry Pearce, for his book "Operation Tabarin and its Postal History" in the Philatelic Literature class at Stampex. Well done Gerry!

The book looks at the Operation from the aspect of the political importance of the special stamps produced, and mail sent and received through the operation of Post Offices at the permanently occupied Antarctic bases.

The book is available to order in the Polar Publications section.

Membership renewal form 18th November 2018

To make it easier for UK and overseas members to renew their subscriptions an online membership renewal form has now been added to the website. Payment can be made electronically so you do not have to leave you house to renew your membership of your favourite polar society!

Addition of Polar Books to the Polar Library  18th November 2018  

To make the library more useful a new category has now been added – Polar Books - with copyright restrictions over, many polar books from the classic period of polar exploration have been uploaded to the Library and are available for all members to read. Find out what Antarctic Penguins really get up to, discover why Robert Falcon Scott lost out to Roald Amundsen or just read a polar literary masterpiece such as Apsley Cherry Garrard’s “The Worst Journey in the World”. You can read all these books and more online in the Polar Library or download to your PC or tablet and read later. More books will be continually added over the next few months so check back regularly to discover new polar reads.

Screenshot_2018-11-04 Aurora Australis  Ernest Shackleton  POLAR POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAINjpg

Remember that to log-in to the Polar Library you just enter the e-mail address that you are registered with by the membership secretary, and password featured in the latest issue of Polar Post, into the Library log-in page accessible through the Members Section of the website.

19th – 21st October 2018  The Polar Postal History Society Cambridge Residential Weekend with the theme of "Americans in the Polar Regions" was enjoyed by all who attended. Some images of society members "in action" are shown below. Several of the displays featured Richard Byrd and some polar items from Byrd's expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic are featured on the left. A full report of all member's displays appears in the December issue of Polar Post.

12th August 2018: Launch of the Online Polar Post  Library

The Polar Postal History Society is pleased to announce the launch of the online Polar Post   Library. The Polar Postal History Library includes all issues of Polar Post from 1953 with lists of contents (where available) – that is over 250 issues!
Members can go directly to the Polar Post  library here or click on one of the 250 Polar Post  front covers to go directly to a specific issue.

As an added bonus, after extensive work by the editor of Polar Post,John Youle, issues from March 2007 to date have been converted into colour (where colour exists in the original article), and these updated colour versions can also be viewed in the library.
Read more in the Polar Post section!