Polar Post 2019

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Contents March 2019

Some Philatelic Aspects of The TransGlobe Expedition 1, 12-17
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Back Issues of Polar Post; Note on Copyright 2
Contents and Enclosures; Membership Subscription Reminder 3
Overlap with Upland Goose concerning the Falkland Islands 3
Chairman’s Message; Membership News 4
Handmade Memorial Cards with Stamp Cuts and Watercolour Paints from 1913 4
Polar Post in Colour Throughout; “Polar Post in colour” Competition 5
The PPHSGB Cambridge Weekend 19th to 21st October 2018: A Report, Part 2 6-11
Robin William Taylor, 8th November 1958 – 30th October 2018 - An Obituary 18
BAT Antarctic Summer Season 2018/19 18
British Antarctic Territory Covers Submitted by a New Member 19
British Antarctic Territory Covers on Sale at the Cambridge Weekend 20
Requests/Enquiries from Collectors with Antarctic Related Interests 21
Falkland Islands Airmail Cover 1952 22
Editor’s Note concerning Material relating only to the Falkland Islands or Tristan da Cunha 22
New Issue: Ross Dependency - Aircraft 23-24
New Issue: The Falkland Islands - 100th Anniversary of the Old Post Offi ce at Fox Bay 24-25
New Issue: The Falkland Islands - 75th Anniversary of FIGAS 25
Correction: New Issue: The Falkland Islands - Landscapes 25
New Issue: Continental Plate of Argentina 26
New Issue: Norway - Dronning Maud Land and Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink 26
New Issues: French Southern and Antarctic Territories (FSAT/TAAF) 27-28

Contents June 2019

British Antarctic Territory Official FDCs November 2018 29; 33
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Back Issues of Polar Post; Note on Copyright 30
Contents; Final Reminder - STOCKHOLMIA 2019; SWINPEX 8th June 2019; MIDPEX 6th July 2019 31
Chairman’s Message; Membership News; List of PPHSGB Members who are Fellows of the RPSL (correction) 32
Gold Medal at Spring Stampex for our President Gerry Pearce 32
Spelling Correction in the Article on “Some Philatelic Aspects of The TransGlobe Expedition” 32
Halley VIa Station closed for the Antarctic Winter 2019; RRS Sir David Attenborough - Progress Report 33
RRS Ernest Shackleton - Final Voyage For BAS Completed?; RRS James Clark Ross in Antarctica 2019-2020 33
Arctic Ice Drift of FS Polarstern 33
Membership Secretary’s Report 2018; Report of the Editor of Polar Post for 2018 34
Society Accounts 2018; Treasurer’s Report 2018 35
Report of the Webmaster for 2018; Report of the Honorary Secretary for 2018; London 2020 36
Minutes of the AGM of the PPHSGB held on 16th February 2019 37
Mail Within Antarctica 38-41
Antarctic Cover Returns 2018-2019 provided by Bernd Lukas and Dirk Peter 41-43
HMS Protector helps Antarctic scientists begin five-year mission to study sea levels 43
† Commander J. R. ‘Chris’ Furse OBE RN (Retd) - 10th June 1935 to 30th October 2018 44-45
The Belgian Princess Elisabeth Station 2019 45
Some Philatelic Aspects of The TransGlobe Expedition Part 2 46-47
The First Dog at the North Pole 48-51
Eastern Arctic Patrol Covers 1935 and 1940 51
Latest Updates on the Polar Postal History Society Website 52
New Issue - Australian Antarctic Territory - Casey Research Station 50 Years; New Issues France and TAAF (FSAT) 53
New Issue: South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands - Grytviken 3D 54-55
New Issue - Argentina: Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands; New Issue - Tristan da Cunha - Whales 55
New Issue - Falkland Islands - Shipwrecks Part III 55
New Issues - Greenland 56

Contents September 2019

Results of the Colour Competition 57; 64-67
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Back Issues of Polar Post; Note on Copyright 58
Contents; 5th International Polar Salon + Bielefeld 2020–Rein-Ruhr-Posta Rank 2 Stamp Exhibition 59
Chairman’s Message; Membership News; 60
† Dr David L. Pratt CBE, 1924-2019 (Obituary) 61
Stockholmia 2019 (Report and photos) 62-63
Alan Warren signs the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists 63
Expeditions to Tierra Del Fuego 68-71
Mail from Antarctica carried by favour to England in 1925 71
Antarctic Treaty 10th Anniversary Issue: British Antarctic Territory 72-75
Postcards Signed by Antarctic Explorers 76-77
Does this count as Antarctic Mail? 78
Design Error on the Ross Dependency NZ$1.20 Stamp Depicting Auster Type T7C Issued 7th November 2018 79
Reports on Swinpex 2019 and Midpex 2019 80
New Issue: Russia – 200th Anniversary of the Departure of the Imperial Russian Antarctic Expedition – 16th July 2019 80
New Issues: Greenland 21st June 2019 81
New Issue: New Zealand – Sir Edmund Hillary 1919 to 2008 – 23rd July 2019 82
New Issue: The Falkland Islands – 75th Anniversary of D-Day – 6th June 2019 83
Increased Falkland Islands and British Antarctic Territory (BAT) Postage rates from 1st July 2019 83
New Issues: Argentina – 29th April 2019 84
New Issue: AAT – Mapping the Australian Antarctic Territory – 20th August 2019 84