Polar Post 2021

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Liv Arnesen - the first Woman to reach the South Pole Solo 1; 18
Turkey Joins the “Antarctic Philatelic Club” 1; 18
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 2
Contents; The Latest Antarctic News 3
Chairman’s Message; Membership News; Brian Clayton elected FRPSL; Editorial 4
The Economy of the French Southern Islands - Stamps and Postal History Part 2 5-7
More Snares; NATO Arctic Operation Mongoose 8
A Current Polar Postal Exploration; A Polar Work Horse - NGCC Amundsen 9
The Norwegian North Polar Expedition with The Maud, 1918-1925 Part 3 - Danish Sales Agents Imprints, etc. 10-15
A Visit to Roald Amundsen’s Home “Uranienborg” - September 2020 16-17
“Dome C” - Concordia Station Postcard 18
MOSAIC - The 2nd Relief of Polarstern - The Rendezvous with FS Sonne and FS Maria S. Merian 19
New Issues: Greenland - 6th November 2020 19
New Issues: The French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF) - October 2020 to January 2021 20-22
New Issues: The Falkland Islands - Mine Clearance Programme and Christmas 2020 23
New Issue: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Royal Navy Ships 23
New Issue: Tristan da Cunha: Vagrant Species Part 2 23
New Issue: Tristan da Cunha - Modern Mail Ships Definitive Issue 24
New Issues: British Antarctic Territory - Discovering Antarctica Stamp Design Competition and Antarctic Birds 24

PDF Annex to Polar Post, March 2021

The PDF Version of the March 2021 Polar Post in the Polar Library has a 22-Page Annex that is additional material to the printed copy posted out to members.

This last minute annex contains Christian Murguet's display of THE SHACKLETON ENDURANCE EXPEDITION (1914-1917). The display is not in the format of an article which fits into the format of a printed issue of Polar Post but, in addition to material already published in Polar Post, depicts two French published postcards never mentioned before in Polar Post. This display is on pages 24B to 24H.

In Polar Post, December 2020 contained an article entitled “The Norwegian North Polar Expedition with the Maud, 1918-1925, Part 2 - The Voyage of the Fram 1912-14”. The authors were unaware of an original Ice Cap News “BUT” article written by Hal Vogel on Fram postcards from Panama from 1993 and this is re-published in full on Pages 24I to 24L .

The New Issues for Greenland of 22nd February 2021 are published on Page 24M. A complete list of all Greenland Issues planned for 2021 is published on Page 24N. A New Issue from the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) entitled “Arts Fellowship” due for release on 16th March 2021 is published on Page 24O. A New Issue for Norway entitled “Peter 1 Island” of 19th February 2021 is also published on Page 24O. A special Postmark from Germany with a King Penguin motif is published on Page 24P. The article is entitled: “Lufthansa’s current Longest Non-Stop Flight: Hamburg to RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands Special Postmark with King Penguin Motif used at Hamburg Airport on 1st February 2021”. A previously unlisted BAS cachet from Faraday F-C-09A is published on Page 24Q.

Letter from Port Lockroy to the International Space Station (ISS) 25; 36-37
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 26
Contents; International Polar Exhibition Invitation - The Czech Republic "Polar Salon LIBEREC 2022" 27
An Apology to Hal Vogel 27
Chairman’s Message; Membership News; Editorial 28
In Memoriam - HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 10th June 1921 - 9th April 2021 29
Arctic Covers 29
The Norwegian North Polar Expedition with The Maud, 1918-1925 Part 4 Inscription Types and Printings 30-35
A Treasure from Port Lockroy (20th February 2021 Postcard) 37
The Final Voyage of the RRS James Clark Ross to Antarctica 38
Covers from the 2020/21 Antarctic Season; 2019/2020 Antarctic Covers 39
“QUEST”: The Last Voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Part 1 40-41
Reports of the Treasurer and Membership Secretary for 2020 42
Reports of the Webmaster, Editor of Polar Post and Secretary for 2020 43
Terra Nova Postcard not listed by Margery Wharton 44
A New Byrd Card? 44
The History of a Dog! (Japanese Husky Taro) 44-45
75th Anniversary of the Sailing of the Terra Nova from Cardiff 1985 45
New Issue: Éire (The Republic of Ireland) - Through Snow and Ice 45
New Issue: Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) - Arts Fellowship 46
New Issues: Greenland - 22nd February 2021 46
New Issues: 95th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - The Falklands Islands and Tristan da Cunha 47
New Issues: 95th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - South Georgia & SSI; BAT 48

Front Cover: Bellingshausen’s Antarctic Expedition 1819-21 49
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 50
Contents; Provisional Timetable for the Maiden Voyage of RRS Sir David Attenborough to Antarctica 51
Chairman’s Message; Membership News 52
† Daniel Bringer 53
Resolute Postmarks to 2002 54-55
The Norwegian North Polar Expedition with The Maud, 1918-1925 – Part 5: Souvenir Postcard Booklets. 56-61
Argentine Base Carlini – Cover 61
“QUEST”: The Last Voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Part 2 – “Rolling Down to Rio” 62-63
Bellingshausen’s Antarctic Expedition 1819-21 64-65
The 2021 Voyage of L’Astrolabe to and from Macquarie Island
and the Mystery of the New Pictorial Postmarks for the AAT Stations 66-68
Contemporary Alaska Postmark Collecting 69
Revised Monographs for sale 70
Field Post Offi ce (FPO) 17 Cancels on Falkland Islands Dependencies Stamps 70-71
New Issue: Canada – Snow Mammals 71
New Issue: Portugal – Discovery of Antarctica by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen 71
New Issue: Brazil – Station Comandante Ferraz 71
New Issue TAAF: 43rd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Paris 71
New Issues: Greenland – 8th June 2021 72
New Issue: The Falkland Islands – The Paintings of Mike Peake Part 2: Settlements 1939 – 2005 72

PDF Supplement to the September 2021 Printed Issue of Polar Post
PDF Supplement includes new issues which were received after the printed issue was sent to the printers as
well as further short articles by Phil Schreiber and an envelope scan provided by Steve Allen.
Contents and Stop Press 72A
New Issue 1st September 2021 – South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands – Ecosystems in Recovery – Whales 72B – 72C
New Issue: Greenland – The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Cz. Slania – 12th August 2021 72C
New Issue 30th August 2021 – The Falkland Islands – His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh 72D – 72E
New Issue: USA – “Raven Story” Postage Stamp by Phil Schreiber – 30th July 2021 72E
Recently Received Covers from the Polar Regions by Phil Schreiber 2nd June 2021 72F
Russian Polar Tidbit (Figure 1) and Early Polar Explorers (Figure 2) From Phil Schreiber May 2021 72G
SSS Gorch Fock Iceberg Cruise by Phil Schreiber – 10th August 2021 72H
New Issue: Tristan da Cunha – Sharks Part 2 – 14th July 2021 72I – 72J
Addenda to “The Norwegian North Polar Expedition with The Maud, 1918-1925, Part 5: Souvenir Postcard Booklets”
(See Pages 56-61 of this issue) 72J