Chairman’s Message - December 2017 - Trevor Cornford FRGS

Chilly evenings have arrived again, Polar auctions on the horizon, some completed before
you see this – so do not forget to look at the website!
However, to keep you occupied this Season I have put a short list in this issue of our own
Auction offerings for you to mull over with the mulled wine. ( DO allow me time to post
after the end date – we would still like someone to do a similar job say twice a year?)
The Committee has been busy with plans for the RPSL displays for next year, Stampex
with overseas visitors welcomed, especially some new trade. Personally on talks, Postcard
fairs and a big London auction, with some strong prices (More information in the March
2018 Issue of Polar Post).
I also had 2 interesting events – a talk / Display on the Discovery Expedition – officially
National Antarctic Expedition 1901-04, at which a lady from New Zealand knew the places
first hand I was discussing - a well attended evening, and not always expecting such long
distance attendees!