Arctic Expeditions post 1953

Summary of Arctic Expeditions (with a known or suspected contemporaneous postal history)

Details listed by permission from: Hal Vogel, Essence of Polar Philately, (USA: American Society of Polar Philately, 2008, 2020), Appendices II-V, (separately revised).

Essence of Polar Philately by Hal Vogel

An encyclopedia of polar philately which includes chapters on acquisition, valuation and gems; and 13 appendices on Arctic/Antarctic expeditions, vessels, stations, and aerophilatelic polar events. Available from the American Philatelic Society here.

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1954 USSR NP-3 drift station established        
1954 HMCS Labrador transit of Northwest Passage       O. Robertson
1954 USS Burton Island McClure Strait transit and rendezvous with Labrador (see above)  
1955 Soviet Oceanographical Expedition attaining surface ship (Fedor Litke) L.L. Balakshin
1955-74 Ice Island T-3 operations (and subsequent brief reoccupations)      
1954-1991 USSR/Russia drift station operations (NP4-31)        
1956-57 French Greenland Center Expedition         Jean Dumont
1957 US Coast Guard ships (Bramble, Spar & Storis) transit Northwest Passage  
1957-60 International Greenland Glaciological Expedition         Paul-Émile Victor
1957-58 Swedish-Finnish-Swiss Expedition to Northeast Land Svalbard        
1957-58 Polish Spitsbergen Expedition          
1958 Cambridge West Greenland Glaciological Expedition        
1958 US nuclear submarines Nautilus & Skate reach North Pole beginning   Anderson & Calvert
1958 Scottish East Greenland Expedition          
1958-61 Lead Dog Greenland scientific project       U.S. Army
1959 USS Skate surfaces at North Pole       James Calvert
1959-60 International Greenland Glaciological Expedition (EGIG)        
1959-60 Ellesmere Ice Shelf Project          
1959-70 Drift Stations Alpha/Arlis operations          
1959-89 Canadian Polar Continental Ice Shelf Project (resumed periodically)      
1960 British East Greenland Expedition          
1960-64 Italian annual Greenland (mostly alpine) expeditions       Guido Monzino
1961 Scottish East Greenland Expedition          
1962 Oxford University expedition to East Greenland       David Sugden
1962 Trans-Greenland expedition           Staib & Reese
1963 Scottish East Greenland Expedition          
1963 Cambridge East Greenland Expedition          
1963-64 Third Pearyland expedition         Eigil Knuth
1963 Swiss-German Greenland expedition          
1963 Italian Polar Geographical Institute Greenland expedition        
1964 North Pole ski expedition         Bjørn Staib
1965 Scottish Trans Greenland Expedition         Hugh Simpson
1966 City of Tortona (Italy) Greenland Expedition        
1966 German North Pole Expedition         Karl Herrligkoffer
1966-68 Project Blue Ice         Ralph Lenton
1966 Swiss Greenland Expedition          
1966 Fourth Danish Greenland Pearyland expedition       Eigil Knuth
1967 Danish scouts Greenland expedition          
1967 International Greenland Glaciological Expedition (EGIG)        
1967 Plaisted Polar Expedition         Ralph Plaisted
1968 Plaisted Polar Expedition         Ralph Plaisted
1968 Netherlands Spitsbergen expedition          
1968 Japanese Trans-Greenland Expedition          
1968 International Greenland Glaciological Expedition (EGIG)        
1968-69 British Trans-Arctic Expedition         Wally Herbert
1969 Tanker SS Manhattan transits Northwest Passage       Roger Steward
1969 Danish scouts Greenland expedition          
1969 British Joint Services North Pearyland Expedition        
1969 Watkins Mountain Expedition          
1969 Italian Polar Geographical Institute Repulse Bay expedition     Silvio Zavatti
1969 Daily Telegraph North Pole Expedition attempt using skis     Simpson & Tufft
1970 Second Northwest Passage transit of SS Manhattan     Arthur Smith
1970 German East Greenland expedition to Stauning Alps     Wolfgang Weinzierl
1970 Ohio State Greenland expedition         R. Goldthwait
1970 Ladies Scottish East Greenland Expedition        
1970 Arctic phase of "Hudson 70" cruise around the Americas   David Butler
1971 Monzino North Pole Expedition         Guido Monzino
1971 UK submarine Dreadnought attains North Pole        
1972-76 USA Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment (AIDJEX)      
1973 Transworld Snowmobile Expedition         Bill Cooper
1973 Solo trans-Northern Canada sled expedition       Colin Irwin
1974 Aberdeen University Greenland expedition          
1975 Canadian North Pole Taylor Expedition       Jim Taylor
1976 UK submarine Sovereign attains North Pole        
1976 Canadian North Pole Taylor aborted Expedition       Jim Taylor
1977 Arktika North Pole cruise       J. Kutchiev
1977 British North Pole (Transglobe preparatory) Expedition       Ranulph Fiennes
1978 Japanese solo North Pole and Greenland traverse     Naomi Uemura
1979 USSR North Pole ski expedition       Dmitri Shparo
1979-82 Transglobe Expedition (included Arctic phase)       Ranulph Fiennes
1980 Joy of Sound (North Pole) Balloon Expedition     Sid Conn
1980 Fram 80 drift station operation        
1980 Amateur Radio North Pole & Skydiving Expedition     Porter & Fronk
1982 Norwegian North Pole expedition         Ragnar Thorseth
1983 Canadian-US expedition to dive 1853 wreck of HMS Breadalbane   Ralph White
1984 Lindblad Explorer cruise liner transits Northwest Passage     Tom Pullen
1985 USCGC Polar Sea transits Northwest Passage       J. Howell
1985 World Discoverer cruise liner transits Northwest Passage     Heinz Aye
1985 Japanese North Pole expedition         Masako Izumi
1986 French solo North Pole expedition       Jean-Louis Etienne
1986 Steger North Pole Expedition         Will Steger
1987 Japanese North Pole (motorcycle) Expedition       Shinji Kazama
1988 International (off Northern Alaska) whale rescue operation      
1988 Polar Bridge North Pole expedition       Richard Weber
1988 Japanese North Pole expedition         Masako Izumi
1988 Great British Polar Quest NP expedition       Ranulph Fiennes
1989 Exxon Valdez Alaska oil spill        
1989 The Bering Bridge Expedition         Paul Schurke
1989 Ice Walk International North Pole Expedition       Robert Swan
1990 Norwegian North Pole unsupported ski expedition       Kagge & Ousland
1990 USSR Atomic icebreaker Rossiya North Pole tourist cruise    
1991 Swedish Oden North Pole cruise        
1991 German Polarstern North Pole cruise        
1992 North Pole Expedition         Weber & Malakhov
1994 U.S. Polar Sea North Pole cruise        
1994 Canadian Louis St. Laurent North Pole cruise      
1994 First solo traverse to North Pole       Borge Ousland
1995 North Pole Expedition         Weber & Malakhov