What is Polar Post?

Polar Post  is the magazine of the Postal Postal History Society.

In this folder you can view front covers and contents of every issue of Polar Post (sorted by year of issue) and click to view in the Polar Postal History Library.

The Polar Postal History Library includes all issues of Polar Post  from 1953 with lists of contents (where available) – that is over 250 issues!

Members can go directly to the Polar Post  library here or click on one of the 250
Polar Post front covers in these folders (organised by year) to go directly to a specific issue.

Members of the Society can log-in to the library from the “Member Log-In” link on the left menu on the library website using the e-mail address provided to the Membership Secretary on registration and the password shown in the latest issue of Polar Post.

If any member has difficulties in logging in to the library, then please contact the webmaster for assistance!

The PPHSGB’s First Newsletter appeared in February 1953. The fourth newsletter issued in July 1953 bore the title “The Polar Post”, shortened to “Polar Post” from the fifth newsletter onwards. The name has stuck and the title remains today, over 250 issues later.
Since 1993 Polar Post has been published in A4 booklet format by Quacks the Printers in York, England.  A major change occurred at the beginning of 2007 with the introduction of full electronic publishing using Adobe Indesign CS3 software which has enabled all illustrations to be printed in grey tone, greatly improving the appearance and clarity.
Polar Post is distributed to members only at the beginning of March, June, September and December.

If you have an article or a polar postal item that you would like to see featured in Polar Post  then our editor  will be pleased to hear from you!