Polar Videos

Original footage from historical polar expeditions and some interesting later documentaries are presented below. Do you want to know what Nansen or Shackleton sounded like or who attended Roald Amundsen's birthday party in 1926?  Watch the polar videos and find out!


Solving the mystery of the Andrée Expedition 1930

Eivind Astrup - An Arctic Pioneer

Roald Amundsen through the Northwest Passage with Gjøa

Roald Amundsen and Lincoln Ellsworth Expedition 1925

Roald Amundsen Lincoln Ellsworth arrive at Oslo 1926

Roald Amundsen Birthday Party 1926

Roald Amundsen - Norge Expedition Rome to Pulham 1926

Roald Amundsen - Norge Expedition Oslo 1926

Roald Amundsen - Norge Expedition Alaska 1926

British Arctic Air Route Expedition 1931

Byrd Arctic Expedition 1928

Cook arrives at Copenhagen 1909

Adolf Hoel og Arve Staxrud Spitsbergen Expedition 1914

USS Nautilus North Pole 1958

Umberto Nobile Italia Airship Expedition 1928

Russian Polar Flight Expedition 1937

USS Sargo North Pole 1960

USS Seadragon and USS Skate North Pole 1962

SAS Flight over North Pole 1954

The Spitsbergen Raid 1943

Walter Wellman - Spitsbergen 1906

Hubert Wilkins Nautilus Expedition 1931

Hubert Wilkins Soviet Search Expedition 1937

Ziegler Expedition 1902


Roald Amundsen's South Pole Journey 1910-12

Byrd Antarctic Expedition 1928

The Dogs of the Fram Expedition 1911

The Fram passes the Equator 1911

Scott Expedition - Terra Nova leaves Cardiff 1911

Scott Expedition - Return of Terra Nova 1913

Scott Expedition - Memorial Service 1913

Shackleton's Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition 1914

Ernest Shackleton My South Pole Expedition 1910

Ernest Shackleton Quest Expedition 1921

South Georgia Whalers 1957

Whale Hunting in the Southern Polar Seas 1932

Polar Documentaries

Roald Amundsen - Explorers BBC Documentary 1975

The Resurrection of Gjøa

The Diary of Captain Scott - Suspense Radio Theatre 1956

Hubert Wilkins - The Voyage of the Nautilus

And for something completely different ....

Guinness TV Commercial

Vic & Bob in the Antarctic