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Polar Postal History Society members regularly exhibit their collections in philatelic competitions. Here are some of the awards won most recently. Congratulations to all!

NORDIA 2017, Vejle, Denmark, 27 to 29 October 2017

Nordia 2017jpg

Daniel Bringer - Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902-04 Gold
Daniel Bringer - Swedish Scientific Expeditions to the Antarctic Regions 1895-1904 Gold
Graham Englefield - Mawson’s Australiasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914 Gold
Jiří Kraus - Finding Antarctica – Then Finding More of it. Gold
Jiří Kraus - The Swedish South Polar Expedition 1901-1904 Gold
Christian Murguet - The Antarctic Expeditions 1897-1922 Gold
Stephen Allen - The Four Great Norwegian Explorers Large Vermeil
Graham Englefield - The Antarctic Voyages of the “Commandant Charcot” 1948-1951 Large Vermeil
Marc Hammond - The Norwegian Possessions in Antarctica Large Vermeil
Richard Hindle - Postcards & Cancellations from Amundsen’s Maud Expedition, 1918-25 Large Vermeil
Graham Englefield - Australia’s Antarctic Charter of Denmark’s “Krista Dan” 1953-1957 Vermeil
Pierre Losserand - The International Geophysical Year (1957-58) in the Heart of the Antarctic Vermeil
Stephen Bennett - Pioneering Female Scientists of the Antarctic Large Silver
Frank Blechschmidt - The British Antarctic Territory 1963-1982 Bronze
Our members who formed the Jury also submitted entries in the Court of Honour:
Siegfried Nicklas - Deutsche Forscher an den Polen: Part 1 Antarctic 1850-1939
Siegfried Nicklas - Deutsche Forscher an den Polen: Part 2 Arctic 1850-1939
Serge Kahn - Dumont D’Urville Helps Reveal Antarctica
Serge Kahn - French Activities in the Arctic 1828-1939
Hal Vogel & Serge Kahn - Pioneer Period Expeditions to Greenland
Finally some of our members submitted entries into the other classes:
Postal History:
Stefan Heijtz - Faroe Islands, Postal History to 1953 Large Vermeil and Special Prize
Peter Sondhelm - Faroe Islands, Stamps for inland letters during World War II Large Silver
Stefan Heijtz - DAKA GF10 Faroe Islands Stamps and Postal History 2017 Large Vermeil