Polar Post 2020

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Contents March 2020

Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 2
Contents; † Herbert Lealman MBE 1945 to 2020 - An Appreciation; London 2020 - Participation of Members 3
Chairman’s Message; Membership Renewal Reminder; Swinpex 2020; Editorial 4
Membership News; London 2020; PPHSGB AGM 2020 5
Australia: Flightless Birds: Problems with Micro-Cuts on the Self-Adhesive Stamps 6
The Arctic Order of the Blue Nose; A Polar Workhorse 7
The EcoNelson Base 1988 to 2019 (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) 8-9
Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld – May 2nd 1858. The Story of a New Discovery 1; 10-12
Belgian Cover with Christmas Greetings; † Pauline Carr 12
Polar Postal History Website - An Updated Introduction 13-15
Australian Antarctic Territory - 65th Anniversary of Mawson Station 16
An Inward Letter to Captain Robert F. Scott 17
British Antarctic Territory Definitive Stamp Issue of 1st February 1963 18-20
British Antarctic Territory Churchill Commemoration Issue of 24th January 1966 21
Adélie Penguin Stuffed to Order; A Rather Large Collector’s Item 22
New Issues - Greenland: 9th August and 9th & 21st October 2019 23
New Issue - The Ukraine: 200th Anniversary of the fi rst Sighting of Antarctica 23
BAT - Release Information for the 2019 New Issues 23
New Issue: Tristan da Cunha - Whaling and Sealing Ships - 2nd December 2019 24
French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF) New Issues 7th and 28th November 2019; January 2020 25-27
New Issues - The Falkland Islands 6th and 20th December 2019 27
New Issue - Russia: 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Ivan Dmitrievich Papanin on 26th November 1894 28
New Issue - Chile: 50th Anniversary of Chilean Air Force Base Presidente Frei - 29th October 2019 28
Chilean Air Disaster over the Drake Passage 10th December 2019 28

Contents June 2020

The Australian Antarctic Division retires the Aurora Australis after 30 Years of Service 29; 46
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 30
Contents; The PPHSGB Annual General Meeting 2020 31
The MOSAiC Expedition of RV Polarstern disrupted by the Covid-19 Pandemic 31
Chairman’s Message; Membership News; Editorial 32
Membership Secretary’s Report for 2019; Report of the Editor of Polar Post for 2019 33
Accounts of the PPHSGB for the Calendar Year 2019; Report of the Treasurer of the PPHSGB for 2019 34
Report of the Hon. Secretary for 2019 34-35
Report of the Webmaster for 2019 35
New Issue: Greenland - 16th April 2020; Two Recent Covers from the Ship’s Post Offi ce of FS Polarstern 35
A Polar Playland; Recently arrived Item from Palmer Peninsula 36
St Matthew Island - An Invitation to Discussion; An Arctic Question 37
British Antarctic Territory Commemorative Issue of 6th February 1969; 25th Anniversary of Continuous Scientific Work 38-39
Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd. - The Search for Krill 40-42
Admiral Sir George Egerton - A Polar Explorer 43-45
Two Postcards from the Polar Regions 47
Belated New Year’s Greetings 2019 from Terre Adélie 48
South Georgia & SSI and British Antarctic Territory Cover Returns Antarctic Summer Season 2019/2020 48-49
The Specialised Catalogue of the Falkland Islands & Dependencies (Stefan Heijtz), 7th Edition, September 2020 50
Erebus - One Ship, Two Epic Voyages by Michael Palin ©2018 - A Review 51
Stanley Gibbons Falkland Islands and Dependencies Catalogue 8th Edition published September 2019 51
PDF Document Illustrating BAT FDCs from 1963 to 2018 51
RRS Ernest Shackleton renamed N/R Laura Bassi 52
BAS Rothera Station - Planning for the next 25 Years; BAS Halley Station closed for the Antarctic Winter 2020 52
New Issue: The Falkland Islands - Wrecks Part IV - 16th March 2020 53
New Issue: Tristan da Cunha: 25th Anniversary of the Gough and Inaccessible Islands UNESCO World Heritage Site 53
Delays in Supplying Philatelic Products 53
New Issue: Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) - Wyatt Earp Expedition 1948 - 31st March 2020 54
New Issue: Russia and Estonia - Maritime Navigation: 200th Anniversary of the First Sighting of the Antarctic Continent 55
Addenda to the New Issue - The Ukraine 28th January 2020 - Polar Post, N°264, March 2020, Page 23. 55
New Issues: Greenland - 28th February 2020; New Issue: Romania - Arctic Fauna - 28th January 2020 56

Contents September 2020

50th Anniversary of the founding of Arge Polarphilatelie e.V. 57; 62
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 58
Contents; Editorial; The Specialised Catalogue of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies 59
Stop Press:- 50th Anniversary of “Union Française de Philatélie Polaire - SATA” 59
Chairman’s Message and Shackleton Postcards; Membership News 60
Postal History of Polar Expeditions – A New Website Feature 61
50th Anniversary of the founding of Arge Polarphilatelie e.V. 62
50th Anniversary of the founding of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group (FIPSG) 62
The end of the Antarctic Summer Season 2019/2020; Planning for the Antarctic Summer Season 2020/2021 62
The Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) Centenary Fundraising Campaign 63
U.S.A. – Russia Arctic Community Relations 64
The Cold War in the Polar Area; An Answer to the “Arctic Question concerning Naval Party 1008” 65
The Entry To The Antarctic? - Snares Islands (Tini Heke) 66-67
Stanley Gibbons One-Page Exhibit Online Competition April-May 2020 68-69
Two further Rothera 2019/2020 Summer Season Covers 70
Argentina – Territorial Claims 71
The Norwegian North Polar Expedition with the Maud, 1918-1925, Part 1 - Background and Statistics 72-76
New Issue: South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands - From the Air 77
New Issue: The Falkland Islands - Penguins 78
New Issue: The Falkland Islands - 50th Anniversary of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group 79
Postage Rates for the Falkland Islands, South Georgia & SSI and the British Antarctic Territory 79
New Issues: Greenland - 5th and 18th May 2020 79
New Issue: French Southern and Antarctic Territories (FSAT/TAAF) - 2nd February 2020 80
French Southern and Antarctic Territories - Increased Postage Rates from 1st February 2020 80