Polar Post 2022

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100th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Ernest Shackleton 5th January 2022 - Front Cover 1
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 2
Contents; Editorial and Latest Antarctic News 3
Chairman’s Message; Membership News 4
Member Lesley Marley FRPSL displays at the Royal Philatelic Society London on 4th November 2021 5
† Peter Jeffrey Wordie - May 1932 to 16th April 2018 6-7
“QUEST”: The Last Voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Part 4 - Whither Next? 8-10
Mint British Stamps cancelled with the S-R.ANTARCTIC Postmark while Quest was at Grytviken, South Georgia 11
Shackleton’s Grave 11
Shackleton’s Cross 12-13
New Issues: The Falkland Islands, SG&SSI and BAT - Centenary of The Death of Sir Ernest Shackleton 14-15
The Norwegian North Polar Expedition with The Maud, 1918-1925. Part 7: The North Star Air Post 16-21
2022 Membership Renewal Reminder 21
Bill Tilman and the Visit of the Yacht Mischief to The South Shetlands and South Georgia 1966/67 22-24
Recent New Issues: Norway 25
New(ish) Issue: Bulgaria - 200th Anniversary of the Discovery of Antarctica and
50th Anniversary of Bulgarian Research on the Ice Continent 26
New Issue: Uruguay - 30th Anniversary of the First Antarctic Naval Mission 1991 - 2021 26
New Issues: Greenland - 9th November 2021 27
New Issue: Greenland - 50th Anniversary of HM The Queen’s Accession to the throne 14th January 2022 28
New Issue: Russian Federation - Franz Josef Land 25th November 2021 28
New Issue: South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands: The Blue Belt Programme 9th November 2021 29-30
New Issue: British Antarctic Territory: Final Voyage of the RRS James Clark Ross 23rd November 2021 30
New Issue: British Antarctic Territory: The Blue Belt Programme 23rd November 2021 31
New Issue: British Antarctic Territory:30th Anniversary of the Protocol on Environmental Protection
to the Antarctic Treaty 23rd November 2021 32
New Issue: The Falkland Islands: First Call of the RRS Sir David Attenborough 11th December 2021 33
New Issue: French Southern and Antarctic Territories (FSAT/TAAF): Low Value Defi nitive Stamps
and Souvenir Sheet with 5 x €1.00 Stamps using the same Designs - 6th November 2021 34
New postal rates for the French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF) from 1st January 2022 34
New Issues: French Southern and Antarctic Territories (FSAT/TAAF) - 1st January 2022 35-36

PDF Supplement to Polar Post, March 2022

Peter Cranwell RIP

A Review of Polar Post, December 2020 – Item provided by Alan Warren

A Review of Polar Post, September 2021 – Item provided by Alan Warren

A previously unreported Variation of the B6 Postmark for Deception Island provided by Cliff Allen

Mail from The first Antarctic Voyage of RRS Sir David Attenborough

New Issue: South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
30th Anniversary of The South Georgia Museum – 24th January 2022

New Issue: Norway – 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Roald Amundsen – 3rd January 2022

New Issue: Germany – Environmental Protection (“Für den Unweltschutz”) – 2nd June 2022

New Issue: Greenland – 50th Birthday of Crown Princess Mary – 5th February 2022

New Issue: Greenland – Greenlandic school savings coupons, Part III – 28th February 2022

New Issues 24th March 2022:
The Falkland Islands; South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands; The British Antarctic Territory
Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

New issue: Tristan da Cunha – 60th Anniversary of Tristan’s 1961 volcanic eruption:
Part 2 Royal Society Expedition, 1962 – 21st March 2022

British Antarctic Territory First Day Covers issued on 23rd November 2021 at ROTHERA

British Antarctic Territory First Day Cover issued on 21st April 2021
95th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II