Sweden and Finland

The Polar Galleries section features examples from the collections of members of the Polar Postal History Society. They have been organised into the various collecting areas. We hope that you enjoy them!


1896 Andree Expedition Cover addressed by S A Andree from Advent Bay to Arthur Hazelius who was the founder of the Skansen open air museum in Stockholm. Hazelius purchased Andree's previous balloon, Svea, and featured it in the museum.

1858 Otto Torrell Expedition featuring A E Nordensköld

A letter to A E Nordenskiöld addressed to Hammerfest where he would find it on the return from Spitsbergen. The letter was sent from Dr Tammary in Berlin and is postmarked Berlin Stadtpost exp XI 21.7. 3-9 Nm and transit postmarked at the Danish post-office K.D.O.P.A. in Hamburg 23.7 6-7. The Franco cachet means that the postage is prepaid. The 3 over 6 in red is Danish and 6 is German postage in

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