What is Polar Postal History?

What is Polar Postal History? Check out below to find out what we collect and see if the society is for you!


Geographically the polar regions encompass the North and South polar areas of the globe. In the Antarctic regions, postal history from the British Antarctic Territory, the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT), the French Antarctic Territory (TAAF) and and the numerous Antarctic Bases in the Antarctic are covered. In addition, parts of the South Pacific regions that encompass the Falkland Islands’ Dependencies and South Georgia are included.  On the opposite site of the world, the society's Arctic areas of interest include items from Northern Scandinavia, Greenland, Russia, Alaska, and Canada.

Thematic topics covered include polar exploration and expedition related material, military mail, whaling, polar shipping and aviation. Society members have very diverse collecting interests from mail of the earliest polar expeditions to modern postal history. Over the years this diversity has expanded into other Polar Interests such as thematic collecting, social history, postcards, photographs, literature. If it has a polar connection it now catches the attention of at least one of our members!

Below are examples of classic polar items from some of the various collecting areas that society members are interested in. You can see many more polar items by clicking on the Polar Galleries section on the left!




Other Polar Interests

The aim is that the Polar Postal History website becomes the primary reference for polar postal history on the Internet. Do you have stamps, covers or polar ephemera that you would like to see featured on the website? Please contact the webmaster to have your items displayed on the website!