Polar Post 2012

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Contents March 2012

Scott’s Party at the South Pole 17th January 1912 (front cover) 1
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your diary; Back issues of Polar Post; Note on Copyright 2
Notice of the PPHSGB AGM 21st April 2012; Chairman’s Message; Editorial 3
Captain Scott’s Last Antarctic Expedition 1909 – 1913 PART 10 – The South Pole found but ‘Runners Up’!
– Letters taken back to NZ via Terra Nova 4
Philatelic Items relating to the Attainment of the South Pole by Scott’s Party and subsequent Tragic Death 6
Modern Stamps, Labels and Postmarks relating to Robert Falcon Scott’s 1909-1913 Terra Nova Expedition 7
New Issue – Ross Dependency – Race to the Pole – 2nd November 2011 8
British Antarctic Territory – £2 Coin Commemorating the Terra Nova Expedition 8
New Issue – United Kingdom – The Age of the Windsors and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – 2nd February 2012 9
Special Scott’s Party at the South Pole Postmark in Kiel, Germany, 17th January 2012 9
Special Postmarks Commemorating the Centenary of the Conquest of the South Pole by the Norwegians 9
New Issues and a Special Postmark Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Fridtjof Nansen 9
The PPHSGB Residential Weekend in Cambridge 16th to 18th September 2011 – Part 2: Members Entertain 10
Layout Errors in the December 2011 issue of Polar Post 13
Arctic – Canada NWT: SS Distributor – Vice Regal Visit to the Mackenzie River area 1937 13
Auckland Islands – A Postal History to 1950 14
Sheila Scott’s World and over the North Pole Flight 1971 – a further cover 17
‘Robert Falcon Scott’ Philatelic Displays 17
Events and Exhibitions during 2012 relating to Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition 17
Centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914 Part 1 – Departure from Hobart, Tasmania,
and Establishment of the three Bases 18
The Mawson’s Huts Conservation Expedition 2011/2012 Cancelled 20
Mawson Centenary Voyage on the Aurora Australis – January 2012 20
Further Philatelic Items from the Mawson’s Huts Foundation 20
The Storied Ice – Exploration, Discovery, and Adventure in Antarctica’s Peninsula Region (book review) 22
Tristan Da Cunha – 50th Anniversary of the Volcanic Eruption and Evacuation – 8th to 11th October 1961 23
Membership News 23
New Issue – Falkland Islands – Gentoo Penguins, Predators and Prey 24
Further TAAF ‘Out of Programme’ New Issues 2011 24
New Issues – TAAF – January 2012 25
Recent Issues 2009-2011: Mozambique – IPY; Bequia (St. Vincent Grenadines) and Micronesia “South Pole” 26
Recent Issues 2011 – Tristan da Cunha – Atlantic Odyssey – MV Plancius 26
Antarctic Tourism in decline – (based on Press Releases from IAATO and GSGSSI) 27
Polar 2012 – Schwarzenberg, Germany – 8th and 9th September 2012 27
Contents 28

Contents June 2012

Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your diary; Back issues of Polar Post; Note on Copyright 30
Chairman’s Message; Editorial 31
Membership News; Spring Stampex Award for PPHSGB Chairman; 32
FID Thick Maps Issue used at South Georgia – a request for help from Wilf Vevers 32
PPHSGB Members attend the St Paul’s Cathedral Memorial Service held on Thursday 29th March 2012 32
PPHSGB Accounts 2011; Report of the Treasurer for 2011 33
Airships in the Arctic Part 6 -The Italia Airship Expedition 1928, Part I 34
Destroying valuable Covers is Child’s Play – B.A.N.Z.A.R.E. 1930/31 38
New Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Postcard Find 39
Surgeon Commander E. W. Bingham Air Letter from Base E 1946 39
Falkland Islands Patrol Vessels (FIPVs) – HMS Protector P244: 1983-1987 40
Details of Mails from Port Lockroy to Stanley in 2010 and 2011 (based on mail bag labels) 41
The PPHSGB Residential Weekend in Cambridge 16th to 18th September 2011 – Part 3
Members Entertain – The Saturday Evening Displays – Part 2 42
Captain Scott’s Last Antarctic Expedition 1909 – 1913 Part 11 – South Pole Aftermath & Waiting for News 44
Isla de Los Estados and The Argentine Navy 46
Airship Italia Expedition Cover (new fi nd) 47
HMNZS Otago; TAAF News August 2011 to January 2012 48
New Issue -TAAF – Ile Longue, Kerguelen; The Antarctic Centre, Christchurch – Special Stamps 50
Around the World in Eighty Days? Or how your mail is not always conveyed as planned or expected! 51
New Issues: SG&SSI – WWF Seabirds; The Falkland Islands – Marine Life 52
New Issue: AAT – Centenary of the Birth of Dr Phillip Law 53
New Issues: Bosnia Herzegovina (Serbian Post), Kazakhstan, The Marshall Islands and Uruguay 53
Special Postmarks used on the Scott Expedition at the South Pole Stamp issued on 2nd February 2012 54
British Trans-Arctic Expedition 1968-69 – Barrow, Alaska to Spitzbergen, Norway;
North Pole 5th April, 1969 – Major Kenneth Hedges RAMC 54
Auction Report – 18th F.I. Postal Auction on 3rd April 2012 arranged by Stefan Heijtz 55
New Issues: Falkland Islands and SG&SSI – Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II; Contents 56

Contents September 2012

Signy and Halley Covers from the BAT 2011/2012 Antarctic Summer Season (Front Cover) 57
Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your diary; Back issues of Polar Post; Note on Copyright 58
Chairman’s Message; Membership News 59
French National Philately and Postcard Championship held in Paris in June 2012 (medals awarded to members) 59
‘Scott Displays’ by our Chairman Trevor Cornford 59
Airships in the Arctic Part 7 – The Italia Airship Expedition 1928, Part II 60
Captain Scott’s Last Antarctic Expedition 1909 – 1913 Part 12:
Preparation by Terra Nova for Final Relief Voyage and New Stamp issued 65
The South Georgia Metal Canceller Type SG21 – 17th to 30th March 1982 66
Cape Horn 70
BAT and SG&SSI 2011/2012 Antarctic Summer Season Review 72
Polar Postal History Society of GB Provisional Residential Weekend Programme, September 20th to 22nd 2013 73
Provisional BAS Ships’ Programme for 2012/13; Editorial 73
New Postal Rates for FI, SG&SSI and BAT from 1st July 2012 74
Arctic: Canada – Resolute Bay, NWT – O’Reilly Hammer Type B1 (20th January – 3rd May 1948) 74
100th Anniversary of the Death of Robert Falcon Scott – Special Postmark and Set of 4 Cards from Romania 75
New Issue – South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands – Blue Whale – 31st August 2012 75
New Issue – The Falkland Islands – 30th Anniversary of Liberation – 14th June 2012 76
New Issues – The Falkland Islands – Coastal Landscapes and Maritime Heritage Parts 8/9 (Titanic and Oravia) 77
New Issues – “Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers” 2011 – Curaçao, Nicaragua and Jordan 77
New Issues – Argentina – 3rd March, 31st March and 14th July 2012; Malaysia 8th March 2012 78
New Issues – Bulgaria – 7th April 2012; Russia – 8th June and 6th July 2012 78
Special UK Postmark dated 29th March 2012 commemorating the members of Scott’s South Pole Party 78
New Issues – TAAF and Monaco 9th June 2012; TAAF 12th July 2012 79
Polar Exhibits take High Honours at WESTPEX (from Ice Cap News, Vol. 57, No 2, April 2012, Page 41) 80
Polar Postal History Society of GB – Society Auctions – Important News 80
Assistance required from members – Frithiof Antarctic relief expedition 1903; Chairman’s Review 2011 80
Report of the Editor of Polar Post and of the PPHSGB Internet Site for 2011 81
Membership Secretary’s Report 2011; Report of the Secretary for 2011 82
Minutes of the AGM of the PPHSGB held on 21st April 2012 83
Mawson’s Huts Foundation Update; Contents 84

Contents December 2012

Front Cover – New Issue BAT HMS Protector December 2012 85
Committee; Deadline for Polar Post; Dates for your diary; Back issues of Polar Post; Note on Copyright 86
Chairman’s Diamond Jubilee Message; Auction News 87
PPHSGB Annual General Meeting 2013 at Spring Stampex 87
Covers from 60 Years of Arctic Expeditions 1953 to 2012 88-97
Covers from Sixty Locations in the Southern Regions 1953 to 2012 98-107
Extract from Ice Cap News, January 2012 98
Large Gold for Paul Wales at London Autumn Stampex 2012 – Exhibit to be sold in Auction during 2013 99
Extracts from Upland Goose, Autumn and Winter 2011 100-101
Re-designed Website for Classic Stamps (Paul Wales) 102
STOP PRESS – New stamp issues held over to the February/March 2013 issue of Polar Post 107
Polar 2012 – Schwarzenberg, Saxony, Germany, 8th and 9th September 2012 – Report 108-109
Membership News; Contents; New Issue TAAF – Passerelle (gangplank) for Adélie Penguins 110
New Issues – BAT: Self-Adhesive Penguin stamps in coils; 75th Ann.of the British Graham Land Expedition 111
New Issue – The Isle of Man: the Centenary of Scott’s South Pole Expedition 111
New Issue – TAAF fl ight of Maryse Hilsz to Juan de Nova, Les Îles Éparses 111