RPS Polar Group Display 2018

31st May 2018: Polar Group Display Royal Philatelic Society, London.

Summary of the Polar Group Display
Polar Philately consists of philatelic material with an Arctic or Antarctic subject matter. It has been an organised international philatelic activity since the mid-1950s. A broad display of material in this field was presented at the Royal Philatelic Society in London on 31st May 2018 and was an uncommon opportunity to view a variety of extraordinary Polar material at a single venue.
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Exhibitors and family members at the Royal Philatelic Society Polar Salon. Photographs taken by the RPS photographer, Michael Pitt-Payne, whom the society thanks for allowing us to use.

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List of the Polar Group Exhibits

Galleries for many of the exhibits have now been added to the website, so polar philatelists from Great Britain and around the world who were not able to visit London wil be able to see the material.

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The following polar exhibits were presented at the Royal Philatelic Society on 31st May 2018:

Steve Allen - The Heroic Age of Norwegian Polar Exploration (including gallery)

Frank Blechschmidt - The British Antarctic Territory 1962-1980 (including gallery)

Daniel Bringer - Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902-04

Daniel Bringer - Swedish South Polar Expedition 1901-04

Trevor Cornford - Captain Robert Falcon Scott, RN (including gallery)

Marc Hammond - Bouvet Island

Richard Hindle - Amundsen’s Northeast Passage Expedition 1918-25 (including gallery)

Serge Kahn - Dumont d’Urville Helps Reveal Antarctica (including gallery)

Serge Kahn - French Participation in the 2nd International Polar Year 1932-33 (including gallery)

Jiri Kraus - Search and Discovery of Antarctica (including gallery)

Pierre Losserand - France during the IGY in Antarctica and on Sub-Antarctic Islands (including gallery)

Claudio Manzati - North Pole Russian Drifting Stations: NP1 to NP16 (gallery to feature soon!)

Patrick Maselis  - Expédition de Gerlache 1897-1899 (including gallery)

Robert McMillan - Norwegian Whaling Mail (including gallery)

Christian Murguet - The Antarctic expeditions (1897-1913) (including gallery)

Christian Murguet - Nobu Shirase and the Japanese Antarctic Expedition 1910-12 (including gallery)

Siegfried Nicklas - Early German Antarctic Expeditions

Hugh Osborne - South Shetlands Postal History to 1934 (including gallery)

Hugh Osborne - South Georgia Postal History from 1883 (including gallery)

Hal Vogel - The Wilkes Antarctic Expedition:Its Many (often unfavorable) Facets (including gallery)

Hal Vogel - Pre-WWII Polar Lighter-Than-Air Flights (including gallery)

David Wiskin - Shackleton. The British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09

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