Chairman's Message - December 2018 - Trevor Cornford FRGS

Back from a hectic run up and post event Cambridge Weekend, we had a cosy rather than jammed time while there. Whether it’s a small or large gathering however, the basic workload still needs doing of hotel bookings, Displays, food menus, general organisation of people and schedules. I would like to thank also Val Roberts for allowing us use of her Club’s frames, Robert Hurst for the ‘compere’ of Saturday Members’ displays and Nikki Hurst for scanning pages from members who displayed, John Youle for pics of the event, Bil Tilbury for a great auction - he had some good stuff to work with for a change, and above everything those who showed and attended!

Due to circumstances several only made it for Saturday/Sunday and nonetheless enjoyed their time - and seems especially adding some fine auction items - when you see the results you will agree. Interest has certainly broadened in recent years into the material which expands the story of a cover or whole Expedition using photographs, letters even books which add to the information you can show.American Polar activity being the main theme, there were some fine covers and signatures relating to Byrd sold, and also DeepFreeze - but I can attest to the popularity of other items with good prices for Classic period, and bargains to be had in Northern
material.Looking at the high tariff stuff, not many unsolds. The top realisations are given on Page 98.

On the ephemera front, after a fallow summer - too hot? - I recently bought an amazing archive collection of plans and tenders for a new Polar vessel for a South American country - but from 1910/11. It included a tender from the Dundee Shipbuilding Company, which referred on every page to how they would base it on Scott’s DISCOVERY clearly believing it was their ace card! I now need to research if it was ever built.

As I write the heat has turned to autumnal chills, and when you read it will be nearer Christmas, and a new year. Seasons Greetings to you all. The Xmas Card above is from Deep Freeze 1I in 1956/57 and featured in my Saturday Evening Display at Cambridge. Full details can be found on Page 99.I am sure a few anniversaries ending next year will spring to mind, so try and send a cover and paragraph or two to the Editor for us all to read, and bear in mind a number of Polar Salon type events will also be available. PS the website commands your attention also!