Chairman’s Message - June 2018 - Trevor Cornford FRGS

I am pleased to say it is at last getting brighter weather, although I had a lovely ‘Polar’ climate experience in the Wiltshire hills in mid March getting snowed in for the weekend at the Falkland Island Philatelic Study Group. (Almost as big a mouthful as our own title!). My talk on the Whalebone Arch, Blue whale jawbones donated by Hektor Whaling Co. from South Shetlands for the 1933 Centenary, at Port Stanley next to the Cathedral – some of you have seen it live – went down well. All sold on afterwards to eager new owners – no lack of interest in good material, some very good Tabarin, Censored, Graham Land etc.covers using the overprinted ½d value KGVI which depicts the Arch.
Prior to this we had a very good PPHSGB AGM – see the Reports on Pages 37 to 40. One of the best attended and most constructive with active suggestions put forward and you will see soon the fruits of some very hard work by Steve Allen who is taking the Website by the scruff of the neck and re-vamping it wholesale over the next few months, See Page 35. Going forward, do keep a regular eye on it and visit to keep up with events outside and in between the excellent Polar Post – used
together provide great contact and info. Latterly my Shackleton postcard talk pleased the audience and before the next Polar Post we shall have had the, I expect, amazing RPSL Polar Exhibition so news of that next time.
We now have main speakers at the Weekend at Cambridge this year – see the revised schedule on Page 34, and already 12 stalwarts are committed to being there - 6 months away but time flies, book soon! Saturday night is still the place to show and tell your favourites on any subject!
May I also take this chance to thank all the officers and ex-officio helpers who do so much to keep our Society running so well,in an ever increasing demand on our time. Especially those still with gainful employment to hold down as well!
Beforehand I hope to catch up with members at SWINPEX again. Note: There is no MIDPEX this year. P.S. Please remember to send John Youle your articles for Polar Post, no matter how short. Please concentrate on Polar material within a philatelic context.