Chairman's Message - June 2019 - Trevor Cornford FRGS

Since the exciting start in January for Polar Ephemera I still managed to personally acquire
an attractive postal item for my Captain Scott proposed Exhibition rewrite - just when you
think you have enough! All it needs now is the time.

Still they say knowledge is strength and knowing who people are and their relative importance
in such Expeditions helps to add to your collection when their name or handwriting appears
on a cover.Now internet or telephone bidding has vastly increased buying options rather than leaving a maximum bid and just waiting and wondering!

That reminds me we are making great strides with our website with more developments
and without the email and internet our Committee would find it much harder to keep in
touch and run the Society - watch that space as well as Polar Post. I take time to thank all my colleagues who make the Society tick over so well.Back to recent and future activity before the next issue; the AGM Reports on Pages 34-37 show how we are staying in the game in a world of many competing demands on our time and money .

I’ve flown the flag in a modest way by putting Polar related shows in local Stamp events
as I see have others - it all helps promote our fascinating hobby. Finally I enjoyed a great weekend again at FIPSG which although mainly Falkland Islands focused always has some Polar links especially from Expeditions which touched there - see a teaser of Daniel Bringer’s Display!
Don’t forget to send John Youle your articles for Polar Post, no matter how short. Please concentrate on Polar material within a philatelic context and supply colour images wherever possible. And come along to the shows listed on Page 31 where we have a presence and say Hello.