Chairman's Message - September 2020 - Trevor Cornford FRGS

Once again we have a dearth of communal activity apart from the e–kind! As I said last time amongst others my garden and collections are getting more attention. I
managed to benefit from Steve’s great auction ideas and sold all items including a big bonus for Society funds from a donated postcard. Only one word of warning – beware of high UK post cost to send overseas, including Europe, and make a good allowance in your items.

By now my cottage garden annual seeds from packets as old as 1998 rediscovered have flourished in a previous bare corner, a riot of blues reds yellows whites and purples! A different variety was my selection of Falkland/Dependencies covers for FIPSG Autumn auction – it seems a long lead time but it’s a 600 lot sale and all kudos to Mike Roberts for setting it up, hopefully for some Christmas spend money.

As a slightly unusual Shackleton Polar link to give you all food for thought I illustrate the Rotary 7181A cards of his Tussauds waxwork. The first, Figure 1, has the Arctic error and dated, Figure 1A, bought at his talk in Mechanic’s Hall, Nottingham Nov 12 1909. Does the hall still stand?
Secondly, the corrected Antarctic description, Figure 2, posted 11-1-10 in Berlin on his European lecture tour 1909/10 during which he received many high honours from Geographical Societies. Seems to show the actual printing sequence, as the second corrected type is clearly sold on that tour. The tantalising words in the message, Figure 2A, allude to Lieutenant Shackleton / Antarctic / Sudpol – perhaps some of you as well as John Youle can attempt a full translation for me? Please!  Looks like no events due yet but auction houses just starting to open up. Take care and stay safe – and send John Youle any good Polar stories and support the return of our auction.