Chairman's Message - September 2022 - Trevor Cornford FRGS

It is said sometimes it’s who, not always what you know - and since I last shared my events that has been very true!

A long standing contact asked me to visit and consider taking a good number of a lifetime Polar postcard collection not seen on the market in over 40 years. Some were unknown to me or Margery Wharton’s catalogue and many others only seen 1 or 2 previously including a scarce Aurora card dated 28/12/11. During the whole intervening period my local stamp club has been busy with guest speakers on subjects from Haiti, GB, Mexico and local postcards, Cinderella competition. Later the serious annual Postal History Cup went to my Shackleton First Voyage with Scott in 1901 (sample Wrench Postcard N°2 signed).

The 70th Jubilee local celebrations culminated in a massive music festival down the ages of our Queen’s reign in glorious sunshine. I hope you had as much fun! Just before, the regular Woking postcard fair is always a good day out sometimes with a card or 2 and always catching up with old friends- Robert Hurst and I do just that! It’s worth the effort to go to these shows to reward us and the effort of the trade getting there.

Swinpex was another glorious day out with a strange twist for me - not much to find on the day but a dealer I missed then was at my local fair on Sunday - and I got a number of nice TAE / IGYE covers all from a member Bellchambers, some handwritten or typed. ( Royal Society Base cachet). We had our usual joint meeting with FIPSG and interesting mix of items at the show. My final event was the open day of Thames Valley Philatelic Federation with the main event the Falkland conflict of 1982 40 years ago and GB overseas rates and attendees own show up to 16 pages. These are always great days for learning about others interests - and a tasty lunch!

I hope some of this encourages you to get out and about and enjoy the hobby.