Annual General Meeting 2020

Dear fellow member of the Polar Postal History Society,

It was the intention that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2019 of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain (PPHSGB) would take place as part of a programme of events around the London 2020 exhibition. However the Covid-19 Virus epidemic has understandably resulted in most public events being either cancelled or postponed. London 2020 is now being re-scheduled for 2022, and the Royal Philatelic Society, where the PPHSGB was due to hold its meeting, has cancelled all room bookings for the duration of the emergency.

The Constitution of the PPHSGB requires that the Society holds an AGM each year no later than 15 months after the previous year’s AGM.  Therefore, as matters stand, the AGM for 2019 should be held before 16 May 2020. There is also a provision in the Constitution stating at least 10 members must be present at an AGM to act as a quorum for business to be transacted. However official projections indicate the duration of the pandemic will last beyond May 2020, with UK Government advice being for the public to stay at home and avoid contact with those outside your own household.

In order to resolve the situation, the Committee have decided to hold a virtual Extra-Ordinary General Meeting with voting either on line or by post. The single proposition is to extend the period within which the AGM for 2019 and 2020 can be held to 31 May 2021.

Reports of the Officers of the Society for 2019 will appear in the next edition of Polar Post, together a copy of the checked accounts. The Officers of the Society have agreed to remain in post, and they can be contacted at the addresses shown in Polar Post should you have any questions arising from their reports. Your Secretary anticipates that the AGM for 2019 will be held with that for 2020 in conjunction with Spring Stampex 2021. The date of 31 May 2021 is included in the wording of the resolution to allow a measure of flexibility against circumstances not currently foreseen.

The voting closed on 25th April 2020. Thank you for voting.